Think Smart

To really solve this (Malnutrition) epidemic we have to be in this together–our families, our neighbors, our community centers, our local grocery stores. We can each make a transformative impact for the health of those in our homes and by including others in our efforts to be healthier, we can magnify that impact to reach outside our homes and throughout our communities.

Learn the ways to involve others in your health efforts and see how a community working together can change the lives of the individuals of all ages for the better.

Make Friends

Friends who share your interest in fitness and nutrition can help you become more health conscious and keep you accountable to your healthy eating and physical activity routines. This is even truer for kids. Our children will usually eat better and move more when their friends eat better and move more.

Finding fitness buddies or healthy eating partners is just like making any other friend, and chances are they are already your friends. The only difference is that both people are committed to encouraging each other to reach the healthy goals they have set.

Create a Common Goal

Find a friend or friend group that is interested in improving the same aspect of their health as you are. Like most relationships, fitness friendships are built around a common interest. Workout buddies workout together. Nutrition buddies learn about healthy foods and cook together. Friend groups encourage each other to stay active or stay healthy as well as share ideas for getting even healthier.

A Friendly Family

Become fitness friends with your family. Instead of playing normal family roles, engage with your family members as friends that share a common goal. It can be easier to share ideas, encourage, and provide feedback when you view your family members as fitness partners rather than a mom, son, uncle, or grandparent.

A Time and Place

Schedule your active and healthy friend time regularly. Once you find a group of people who enjoy the same activities, put some time on everyone’s calendar to meet daily or weekly. This can be a walking club every morning before work, a group of parents taking out the strollers every Saturday, or group of friends hitting the weights several days a week.

A Friendly Challenge

Friends are a great source of motivation. They keep us accountable. But friends can also give us the drive we need to not just meet our goals but exceed them. We don’t want to be the one who simply went to the gym twice this week. We want to be the one who has the best results to show for it. Friends can be the voice and presence that challenges us to stay committed to our fitness and nutrition goals.

Pass It On

A movement for health doesn’t just happen. It takes time. It takes people who believe in the cause and are committed to encourage others to believe in it as well. That’s where you come in. That’s where we all come in. Spread the word on health and play a part in the movement that creates change.

Share Your Knowledge

People need specifics. Knowing that you should eat healthier and move more is different than knowing how to eat healthier and move more. Once people know the exact steps they need to take to improve their family’s health or the health of their school or community, they can then take action. Tell others what you know and spark a movement through knowledge.

Share Your Passion

Let others know why you care so much. Most people are aware that they need to make healthy change in their schools, homes, or communities, but without that spark, change is usually never made. Pass on your spark. Tell your story and get others to see why you think change for health is important to you and why it should be important to them.

Share a Goal

Survey your neighborhood and see what your community needs to live healthier. It’s easier to get people to rally behind a cause when that cause has a tangible or measurable goal. Healthier living in your community could be in the shape of a walking path or new basketball court for your kids. Determine what your community’s tangible goal is to eat better or get more active, and use that to get people interested in positive change.

Share Online

The conversation on health is always going on. Your knowledge, passion, and goals could be just the things that keep the conversation going and make the connections we all need to create a healthier future for our next generation.

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