Young people are the future of the country and they have the power to create significant impact not only as they grow older, but also right now. Within the mission to solving malnutrition, the youth of our country play an important role in educating their peers and creating positive social change. So how do we motivate and organize young people to help in this important work? How do we access this spirited resource in an effort to create healthier society?

Let’s engage youth, teach them healthy living skills, and empower them as leaders for their communities.

Engage Youth

Thousands of young people are already playing active roles in solving some of our nation’s most pressing issues, as researchers, organizers, activists, trainers, and educators. They serve as leaders in their communities and work alongside adults to create healthier places to live, learn, work, and play. Hence why not position young people themselves to help solve the problem? Why not organize and inspire more young people to get involved and help each other be healthier individuals.

Ragi Idly

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Ragi Idly

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